created for Yoshi Sodeoka’s pavilion for the Wrong: New Digital Art Biennale. 2013. click image for full project. 2014

Click image for project _ Directed by Vincent Morisset _ I provided visual effects. 2013    

Print created for group show 2013  

created for SPECIAL EFFECT by Peter Burr A live television show from the future inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’. 2013

_AAAAA_ & aaa[A]aaa digital animations 2012

(concrete eyelids remix by tomb blizzard) animation: Brandon Blommaert song: Jim Guthrie (from Indie Game: the Movie Soundtrack) remix: Tomb Blizzard 2012

Created some animated sequences for this documentary directed by Yung Chang. 2012

  .gif loops 2012

endor sanctuary moon: versions of some gif loops I made for the Friends Show over at / 2011 selections from OMNI GATE SUPERCEL. Originally created for…

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